Level 2 Guidelines to come to church

a. Physical/Social distancing is strictly observed under Level 2 restrictions. First come first serve – St Jo’s only 50 people and St Pat’s 30 people.
b. Disinfections: sanitizers are available at the entrance and inside the church with signs.
“Please disinfect you hand before holding and before you leave or hold the door knob/handle”
c. Principle: Enter the church as if you have Covid 19 virus, don’t be afraid but take care the people next to you.
d: Contact tracing: please log in and log out to the paper provided at the entrance of the church or scan CHECKIN-19 QR code and register your personal information.
e. Offerings: Please leave your offerings before or after mass in the Collection Baskets placed at the foyer. Collection baskets won’t be passed around.
f. Receiving communion: One line only and please follow the signs; distancing and flow. Please disinfect you hand before receiving communion. Communion is given and received in silence. Please receive communion in your hand.
g. Churches would be open 30 minutes before and close 30 minutes after mass.
h. Hymns: Music is played for meditations/reflections only, not for singing.
Note: Please understand of our limited services and hospitality at this strange time in our history. Together we will make our world better.

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