Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Prayer

Lord, today, Mother’s Day, I want to pray for all mothers throughout the world. I pray that they may all have a beautiful day, surrounded by the love of their children and the other members of their families. I pray that they may be strong, healthy, and contented. May all their dreams for the ones they love come true. I pray in a special manner for the mothers-to-be who, for the first time, undergo the unspeakable experience of bearing in themselves the tiny spark of a new creation to which they give everything a human being can give and receive. They, together with all mothers, are the sacraments of God’s life-giving love that renews mankind.
I pray for the mothers who are pressured into believing that the baby they carry in their womb is a menace to them and the society. I ask that they be wise and brave in overcoming that wrong conviction and find in their families and friends the help they need to be sources, custodians and nurturers of life, and not butchers of their own creatures.
I pray for the “solo mothers” who have been abandoned by their unloving partners and bear on their shoulders the heavy burden that was meant to be shared: the burden of providing their children with food, education, hope, and love.
I pray for the mothers who see their dreams for their sons and daughters shattered by an unfriendly world, or by their inability to become what their mothers yearned they would be: honest and productive citizen in a society that welcomes all, empowers the weak and cares for the uncared for.
I pray for my own mother, the diminutive, great woman to whom I owe all that I am, I can dream of and do. Reward her, Lord, for the care she gave me and my brothers, for the much she suffered, and for her longing in vain to see me offer the sacrifice that saves the world. I commend her and all other mothers to Mary most Holy, the Queen of all queens, the Mother of all mothers, the Mother of all hope, the Mother of your Son. AMEN!

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