Be Informed about the End of Life Choice Act Referendum

The EOLC Act is badly drafted and seriously flawed. Whatever one’s views about the idea of euthanasia, it is not ‘compassion’ to vote for a dangerous law.
• Approximately 10% of our elders are the victims of abuse, mostly from their own families. Elder abuse continues to rise in New Zealand. Our elder abuse laws are not able to protect our elders. It is naive to expect that the End of Life Choice Act can keep people safe.
Medical groups have stated that it will be impossible for doctors to detect if people are being pressured or coerced, whether by others or by their own feelings of being a burden.
• The End of Life Choice Act is broader than similar laws passed overseas. Key medical groups, including the New Zealand Medical Association, Hospice New Zealand, Palliative Care Nurses and Palliative Medicine Doctors all oppose the EOLC Act as unsafe. See:

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