Be informed about the End of Life Choice Act Referendum:

• The End of Life Choice Act provides access to an assisted death for those with less than 6 months to live. Yet any prognosis, especially as long as 6 months, is a guess. Overseas research shows that the choice of euthanasia is not driven by pain but by a range of personal reasons, including the fear of being a burden to their families or society.

• The End of Life Choice Act has no mandatory stand-down or cooling off period (as in other countries) – under the End of Life Choice Act, a person could be dead less than 4 days after diagnosis, and be under no obligation to inform their families or carers of their decision. The process does not even require the presence of an independent witness.
The EOLC Act is badly drafted and seriously flawed. Whatever one’s views about the idea of euthanasia, it is not ‘compassion’ to vote for a dangerous law.

See or or or Authorised by John Kleinsman, 15 Guildford Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington

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