Be informed about the End of Life Choice Act Referendum

• The End of Life Choice Act is not an option of ‘last resort’. It will not just apply to the ‘exceptionally difficult cases’. It does not require that a person first make use of available treatments or counselling, nor that they first receive palliative care. A person does not need to be in physical pain.
• If euthanasia becomes legal in NZ, people will access it because they think they lack other choices. Even though quality palliative care is effective, there is no corresponding legal right to access palliative care. Under current law, people can already say ‘no’ to treatments and can receive whatever level of pain relief they need. These days, no-one need die in pain.
The EOLC Act is badly drafted and seriously flawed. Whatever one’s views about the idea of euthanasia, it is not ‘compassion’ to vote for a dangerous law.
See or or,nz or Authorised by John Kleinsman, 15 Guildford Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington

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