Celebrating the 150 years of the Dunedin Diocese at Queenstown Parish

Celebrating the 150 years of the Dunedin Diocese- See the attached flier. Our Queenstown Parish is celebration plans are: At St Joseph’s Masses on Sat 30th Nov & Sun 1st Dec Plus at St Patrick’s Mass on Sun 1st Dec, we will participate in a ballot choosing a social justice activity we each can perform to mark the occasion. See the attached flier. How will the ballot happen, I hear you ask? Well … a basket of scrolls, secured by stickers will be presented for your “choice” (Secret Santa style) each scroll will contain a suggested “Good Work” to complete.  The challenge after Mass on the day, will be comparing and/or swapping with fellow parishioners. After Sunday Mass at both churches, a cuppa and nibbles will be served. Come one, come all – it will be fun

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