Sunday Reflections


3rd Sunday In Ordinary Time – 26th January 2020

This week’s readings:                         

First Reading – Isaiah 8:23 – 9:3 Isaiah looks forward to a day when the people that have walked in darkness will have seen a great light.

Second Reading – 1 Corinthians 1:10-13. 17 Paul appleals for reconciliation between the divided groups in Corith.

Third Reading – Matthew 4:12-23 Jesus fulfils the prophecy of Isaiah and begins his public ministry by calling his first disciples to follow him in proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom.

Jesus, the Master Fisherman

We are on the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time and begin to follow Jesus as he starts his apostolic life in Northern Palestine urging people to conversion. Through his deeds and words, he shows that he is “the great light” – the Messiah – whom the prophet Isaiah spoke about. As a leader, he begins to call people to become his followers and assistants in the great undertaking of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. His call to conversion and the invitation to welcome God’s Kingdom and follow him, which resounded along the shores of the Sea of Galilee two thousand years ago, reaches us today, as urgent as ever. The opening verses of today’s Second Reading strikingly refl ect the divisions and factionalism that characterize the religious domain in our country today. This is why our bishops invite us to refl ect on and actively participate in the activitfies promoted on the occasion of the “Year of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue.” The purpose of this observance is to encourage mutual respect, harmony and collaboration among all Filipinos, for the greater good of the entire country. Let us include this intention in our Eucharistic celebration. from