Sunday Reflections

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time –  17th November 2019

 This week’s readings:                          

First Reading –  Malachi 3:19-20 Harsh words for the wicked who will be left with nothing, but great consolation for those who remain faithful to God.

Second Reading – Thessalonians  3: 7-12 A warning to those who will not contribute in any way to the community but who offer constant criticism to all and sundry instead.

Third Reading – Luke 21: 5-19. Nothing can compare with the glory of the Son of Man, in this world or the next. Things in heaven and earth may pass away, but the Son of Man coming in glory will gather his own to himself in the end.

 The Day of Retribution and Fulfillment. As we approach the end of the liturgical year, the Church invites us to reflect on a very important event that will take place at a time that only God knows: the end of the world. The purpose of the invitation to reflect on that dramatic event is not to fi ll us with apprehension, but to bring us to make the right choices now. This means to live in a way that will enable us to face those dreadful moments with trust and hope, knowing that the one who will judge us will be the Lord whom we are doing our best to serve today. In this Eucharistic celebration, therefore, we will pray for the grace to constantly live in the Lord’s presence and in His grace. May He fi nd us doing what is pleasing to Him at whatever time He may wish to come and take us with Him. –from