Sunday Reflections

5th Sunday of Lent – 29th March 2020


This week’s readings:                         

First Reading – Ezekiel 37:12-14 Only the Lord can raise the dead to life.

Second Reading – Romans 8:8-11 The spirit of God – the Spirit of life – has made a home in us.

Third Reading – John 11:1-45 Jesus tells us that whoever believes in him will never die.

Jesus, the Source of Our Life

Following the early Church’s Lenten catechetical itinerary, today we are invited to ponder on Jesus Christ’s role in our existence as the “source of our life and resurrection.” The death of Lazarus makes us reflect on the many forms of “death” that afflict mankind and which make us shed tears of sorrow and compassion. Jesus’ calling Lazarus back to life portrays him as the conqueror of death, and foreshadows his own resurrection. The wonderful event of Lazarus’ resuscitation is also a symbol of so many spiritual and moral “resurrections” brought about by Jesus. Grateful to him for the preciousness of these gifts, we entrust to him ourselves and the people who are emotionally or affectively or spiritually “dead.” May we all share in the fullness of his life, especially through the celebration of this Eucharist. –

St. Joseph’s Parish Queenstown area.

(Queenstown, Arrowtown, Glenorchy and Garston)

5th Sunday of Lent Reflections

Theme: Life

First reading this Sunday told us that God promised to the people of Israel to restore life.  Second reading St. Paul said to the Romans that the Spirit of God has made home in you … your body maybe dead by sin but if Christ is in you then your spirit is life. The Gospel from St. John is the account that Lazarus was restored to Life by Jesus Christ.

Previous months and weeks Parliament NZ were busy about legalization of euthanasia and decriminalization of abortion law.  Pro-life movements and religious groups/organizations were praying hard and sent submissions to the Parliament NZ to consider the life of the most vulnerable in the society; the sick, elderly and the unborn. It seems the anti-life prevails. Now, the whole world is in lockdown due to the threat of life, Covid 19.

It is difficult to reflect life at the moment, if we don’t have the Spirit of God made home in our heart.

I watched action movies to cope up my aloneness at this moment. Every time the main characters are in trouble almost at the point of death, I always console myself; the director of this movie won’t allow this person to die … and it’s true.

God is in control no matter what happens to the world. Let God be God at this time of our life and let Him make a home in our hearts.

God Bless us all.

Fr. Jaime