Sunday Reflections

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time –  22nd September 2019


 This week’s readings:                        

First Reading – Amos 8:4-7 Liturgy is not something to get over with. It is the point of living.

Second Reading – Timothy 2:1-8.Our opinion about leaders is worth so much less than our prayers for them.

Gospel – Luke 16: 1-13. The unjust steward is driven by his own self-interest, but this does not fool his master.


Be Clever for a Good Cause– The cleverness of people with worldly concerns often puts to shame those who claim to believe in the life to come. The creativity and sense of urgency which characterize most business people often contrast sharply with the dullness and complacency of the so-called “religious people.” This is a sad reality which was already an “established tradition” in the time of Jesus. To counteract this negative trend, Jesus told the parable in today’s Gospel passage. Through this parable, he challenges us to work hard to solve the many problems that beset mankind. He challenges us to get actively involved in creating a better society by working honestly, promoting justice, and using creatively all the opportunities of this life. In this Eucharist, let us ask for the grace to be able to build God’s Kingdom on earth with creativity and a sense of urgency.– from