3rd Sunday of Easter – 18th of April 2021.

This week’s readings:

First Reading – Acts 3:13-15.17-19 Peter proclaims the good news that God raised Jesus from the dead for our forgiveness.

Second Reading – 1 John 2:1-5 Jesus is the sacrifice who takes our sins away.

Gospel – Luke 24:35-48 The disciples are stupefied to encounter a very physical Jesus, risen from the dead.


On this third Sunday of Easter, we continue to meet the Risen Christ. He sets the hearts of his disciples at peace and opens their minds to understand the message of the Scriptures concerning his dramatic death.

It is only in the light of the Resurrection that we are able to make sense of the violent passion and death of Christ. It is likewise in the light of his resurrection and the eternal life he earned for us that we can come to accept the trials of life with faith and patience. Only in the Risen Christ can we make sense of the dark sides of our existence and oppose the many forms of death that threaten our life. In this Eucharist, let us ask for an increase in faith, patience and strength for ourselves and all the people we love. – Word and Life