Sunday Reflections

5th Sunday of Easter – 19th May 2019

This Weeks’s Readings

First Reading: Acts 14:21-27 Paul and Barnabas journey through Lystra and Iconium on their way to Antioch. As they do, they encourage all they meet to persevere in the faith, even in the face of hardship.

Second Reading: Apocalypse 21:1-5 A new Jerusalem appears where God lives among humans. God will wipe away the tears from every eye and there will be no more death.

Gospel: John 13:31-35  A new commandment given by Jesus , to love one another as he has loved us , will identify us as true disciples.

The “Miracle Formula” That Can Heal and Renew the World : We all dream of a new and better world – a world characterized by justice, order, and harmony. We dream and pray for a world where people appreciate and support one another as brothers and sisters, and where everyone is ready to share not only the joys but also the pains of others. This is also the dream of God. Such a dream will become a reality only if we collaborate wholeheartedly with Him by putting into practice Christ’s commandment of universal and life-giving LOVE. This is the only “formula” that can heal and renew our sickly and rotten world. Let this be the intention for which we offer the Eucharistic sacrifice as we gather together as God’s family to renew our pledge to love one another as Christ loves us.- from