COVID UPDATE: Love your neighbor as yourself – get vaccinated.

A message from the NZ Catholic Bishop Conference and the Nathaniel Centre for Bioethics Material for Parishioners.
Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the free Pfizer vaccine is now being offered to members of the public, starting with those most at risk. The New Zealand Catholic Bishops are urging you to get vaccinated to protect yourself, your whanau and your community. You will also be protecting those who cannot receive the vaccination; those with underlying health conditions who would be at higher risk of catching the virus and young children.
The Pfizer vaccine is safe and effective, and has been given to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. People can be reassured that any personal information gathered during the vaccination process will not be shared with Immigration New Zealand.
Love your neighbor as yourself, get vaccinated.
For more detailed information about the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit
Key Messages for Priests to share with their parishes
1. The NZ Bishops, in collaboration with the Nathaniel Centre for Bioethics, are strongly encouraging all Catholics to get vaccinated
2. The free Pfizer vaccine is safe, effective and available to everyone regardless of visa or citizenship status.
3. The COVID-19 virus is particularly deadly for those over 70 and those with underlying health conditions.
4. The virus affects all age groups including the fit and healthy. Young, healthy people have died from the virus or suffered long term health effects.
5. It is still possible to catch the virus after getting vaccinated, but the chances of this happening is very small. Having the vaccine means you become less sick.
6. You can’t catch the virus from the vaccine as it does not contain any live virus.
7. The vaccine teaches the body’s immune system to respond quickly to the COVID-19 virus without being exposed to the virus itself.
8. It is biologically impossible for the vaccine to affect your DNA.
9. The Vatican has stated that all approved vaccines can be received in good conscience – their use does not implicate anyone in the wrongs of abortion.
10. Getting vaccinated is a charitable act as it protects not just yourself, your whanau and your community, but also those who cannot be vaccinated for ne reason or another.
11. For more detailed information, visit

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