The Theology Programme at the University of Otago offers many opportunities for the study of the Bible, the Biblical Languages, Church History, Ministry, Christian Thought, Chaplaincy and Pastoral Theology, both on-campus and to many students across Aotearoa New Zealand through our successful distance study programme. We are committed to servingContinue Reading

Mrs Emma Sullivan’s class will be participating in the Sunday 9am mass on 13th June. They will be sharing what they have learnt after communion.Please note there will also be a children’s liturgy session during this mass. All parents and children are cordially invited to attend.Continue Reading

The Anointing mass was a success. Thank you all for the one who participated we plan again in the near future. Special thanks to Dawn Andrew’s for initiating it and the Arrowtown Parish for hosting.Continue Reading

• St Joseph’sNew guttering; Painting outside completed (Three patches need plastering after winter and painted); Downpipes and Drains cleared and unblocked; Microphone replaced; Roof checked after repairs last year; Statue checked it is secured by bolt through façade to roof trusses.• St Patrick’sNew down pipes; Plaster and painted inside; RoofContinue Reading