On Good Friday each year we have the annual collection for the Holy Places. Last year due to COVID this collection was greatly reduced over the world. The Holy Land has been badly hit by COVID due to the lack of tourism with the people suffering especially in places suchContinue Reading

                                                           QUEENSTOWN                ARROWTOWN GOOD FRIDAY (Way of the Cross)               11:00 AM                                    – GOOD FRIDAY (The Lord Passion)                 3:00 PM                                3:00 PM HOLY SATURDAY EASTER VIGIL                    8:00 PM                                8:00 PM EASTER SUNDAY                                         9:00 AM                              11:00 AMContinue Reading

All Parishioners are cordially invited to Fr Jaime’s Farewell on Sunday 11th April, 5pm to 7pm, Senior Citizen’s Rooms, 10 Memorial Street, Queenstown.We would love to see whole families, as we say our goodbyes to Fr Jaime. “Koha or a small gift for father welcome”.Please bring a plate of suitableContinue Reading