School Production

St Joseph’s School ProductionOur Place, Our Taonga Tuesday, 12th and Wednesday 13th September, 6.30pm at Memorial Centre – ticket sales from our St Joseph’s School office $10 for adults, $5 for children over 5 and $25 for families.


A synopsis of the story is as follows:

Francis (based on the qualities of Pope Francis), Maui and Dom, (based on the qualities of St Dominic) seeker of truth, meet in a bleak landscape beneath the tree beloved by many throughout time – children have come to this place and played on this tree for many generations and now it is dying as a result of the impact of pollution created through huge growth, lack of forward thinking to create necessary infrastructure, busy lives pushing people to make easy and cheaper choices and lack of people’s care of the environment.  Francis knows that we must find the 3 Rs (respect self, others, environment and therefore take responsibility for our actions) if we are to survive and the answer is to go back and look at our past to help us find a way to improve our future.  Each class will take an aspect of our past to explore what life is like with the 3 Rs in place and what happens when we lose touch with these. 

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