“Plastic-Free July” – The pledge – “Choose to refuse” single-use plastic.

DID YOU KNOW: (some reasons to reduce unnecessary plastic items):· Plastic is made from a non-renewable resource – oil.· Oil reserves are depleting, which necessitates more destructive extraction methods.· Discarded plastic is harmful to our earth, and its creatures, during its ceaseless disintegrating process. · Plastic can be recycled only a limited number of times; it eventually becomes landfill.

Third of Turtles Found Dead on NZ Beaches had Ingested Plastic: Dan Godoy, Massey University, Marine research: “In the (dead) turtles that I’ve looked at, and (from) other studies around the world, it is soft, white, and translucent plastic items – so plastic bags particularly – that are consumed in a higher proportion than other items”. Ref: http://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/

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