Sunday Reflections

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time  – 19th November 2017

This Weeks’s Readings

First Reading: Proverbs 31:10-13 This book’s depiction of the perfect wife may cause eyebrows to rise nowadays, but the principle always applies: virtue entails us doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing – no more or no less.

Second Reading: Thessalonians 5:1-6 This second reading reinforces the message of the first. If we live as we should, we need not fear what lies ahead, and certainly not the return of the Lord.

Gospel: Matthew 25:14-30 The famous parable of the talents has a surprising twist to it. People are rewarded for using what they have been given; not for the return they make.


God is ever so generous with each of His creatures, and especially
with us, human beings. He has lavished on us material, physical,
intellectual, aff ective, and spiritual gifts. The secret to be happy
with what the Lord has given us is to make the most of His gifts and opportunities.

God’s gifts are like seeds laden with potentials. It is for us to discover
these potentials and make them bear fruit by using them with creativity,
a sense of responsibility, and Christian love. At the end of our life we will
be asked to account for the way we used such gifts. On that day, blessed
shall we be if we will be able to show that all those potentials have become a wonderful reality.
Let us off er this Eucharist in thanksgiving for the gifts we have received from the Lord and for the
grace to use them in ways that please Him.
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