Sunday Reflections

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time  –8th October  2017

This Weeks’s Readings

First Reading: Isaiah 5:1-7 God’s people, the Lord’s own vineyard, prove unfaithful.

Second Reading: Philippians 4:6-9 Paul urges us to persevere in goodness all our days.

Gospel: Matthew 21:33-43 Jesus confronts his enemies with their murderous intentions.


” This October, the month of the Missions and the month of the Rosary,
we are invited to widen the horizon of our concerns and to
embrace the world with the love of Mary, the mother of Jesus and
our mother. Our love and our rosaries will go a long way in helping our
missionaries both in their spiritual and material needs.
But much of the fruitfulness of our prayers will depend on the way we live. The parable in today’s
Gospel warns us not to become like those tenants who betrayed God’s trust. Instead, we should be
loyal stewards who give to the Lord the best of our energies and our efforts.” From word and life


Next Week’s Readings : 28th  Sunday in Ordinary Time – 15th October 2017

Isaiah 25:6-10                      Philippians 4:12-14. 19-20                               Matthew 22:1-14


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